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New technologies, nowadays, allow businesses to grow quickly on a global scale. Entering new markets, establishing new relationships or cutting costs often requires establishing online presence in more than one country. Registering a local domain, however, is sometimes impossible for foreign companies unless they have local presence. Some countries require that a company has a local branch office in a given country, such as Slovakia (.sk), while other counties, such as Germany (.de), require a local representative of a company for administrative purposes. Norway and the Netherlands, for example, require a local address for domain registration procedures. Among other countries that have domain registration restrictions and require local presence there is Finland, Australia, Thailand and numerous other.

The requirement of local presence can be bypassed, however. The Local Agent Service or Local Proxy Service has been designed to serve foreign companies that do not have a local branch office in a country whose domain they wish to register. Applying for a national top level domain is possible via a registrar’s local office or, in areas where there is no local representation, registration is possible via a trusted local agent. Agents are carefully selected based on strict legal and technical guidelines. The Local Presence Service is also provided in accordance with a country’s legal and administrative procedures. The Local Proxy Service guarantees full compliance with requirements of a given country’s domain authority follows its registration rules.

By registering a domain name via the Local Presence Service, a foreign company can fully enjoy the benefits of having a local domain name with its local recognition. National domains are important. They bring traffic to a company’s website and underline local connections. That is why the Local Proxy Service is the key to extending influences and clients’ international growth. It is a service that combines the centralised knowledge about a specific country’s domains with a hassle-free, efficient administrative performance. The Local Presence Service is offered in more than 35 countries across the globe to help clients take full advantage of maximising local recognition and manifesting local interests.

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