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.sn – Senegal

sn Senegal covers a land area of 197,000 square kilometres, and has a population of about 13 million people. Senegal capitol city is Dakar where live 2,5 million citizens.

NIC Senegal covers only claims for the area ‚SN’, it is not authorized to carry out operations in areas of other countries or organizational areas as ‚COM’ and ‚EDU’.

Records as:

Please note that the requested domain name must meet the following criteria:

Common and proper nouns are recognized only if they match the name, logo or product of the applicant organization and, where appropriate, a document which may be required to prove.

The names of regions, towns, cities, sites, etc.. are recorded only when the corresponding requests are structures that manage these entities (eg regional councils, municipalities, …).

NIC Senegal recommends using the services of a registrar for the process application for registration of the domain name.

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